Fort McMurray Real Estate Done Right

Not sure where to start? Concerned about getting value for your hard-earned money?

Rather be PLANNING this exciting move and SAILING through it? Do you value hard truths? Here’s two…

1) Real estate might seem difficult at this early stage, but that’s okay; you’re simply in what we would call your “market research phase” (2 minutes to 2 years).

2) Selling and buying can be taxing life events, especially in uncertain times. However, smart, calculated decisions can turn those events into defining moments in our lives.

Enter The A-Team…

You’ll find we’re obsessed with creating mind-blowing experiences (just ask our clients). At our very first strategy meeting, we’ll help you get super organized AND we’ll fill important gaps in your knowledge. That way, you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

When you’re curious to learn your next steps, we’re ready to “wow” you with service far beyond your expectations.

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Happy Clients.

"World class real estate agents"
Daniel Forrest 
"Thank you A-Team for setting the bar incredibly high and being so patient with a rookie home buyer."
Kelsey Steganizyn 
"Supported us and carried our sale through wildfire and evacuation!"
Holly Murray 
"They sold our house the same day the sign went up"
Irma Jackson 
"Our house sold in 4 days in a buyer's market...need I say more? It's nice to feel that we got more than our money's worth from our real estate professionals"
John Beltrano 
Tom Albrecht helped me find the perfect house and then fought tooth and nail to get me the best price!! Honestly a pleasant experience dealing with the A-Team through and through. They are first class in market knowledge and will back it up with the effort to close the deal.Have recommended to all my friends!!
Lukas Chaisson
Lukas Chaisson
17:36 05 Sep 17
I was very impressed with how quickly our home sold. I give most of the credit to Aaron and the A- Team. The movie of the house and the pictures were professional quality. A lot of people viewed the movie and pictures within the first 24 hours and I believe we had around 10 showings within the first two days. I highly recommend Aaron and the A-Team.
Gerald Lichti
Gerald Lichti
22:53 03 Aug 17
Tom was the best to deal with. He had answers for all our questions, sound advice when we were unsure about something and set our minds at ease when things felt stressful. I would highly recommend him and the A-Team for all your real estate needs.
Steven King
Steven King
23:19 26 Sep 17
Aaron and Breanna listed my condo and provided great advice and service. As a first time seller, they walked me through all the steps and were ready to answer any questions I had. It was a fantastic experience and I would certainly recommend them with your listing 🙂
Jessica Wong
Jessica Wong
01:07 28 Jun 17
The A team is highly recommended. I had a great experience working with Tom in buying a house for us. Just perfect. 100%
Manish Pokhrel
Manish Pokhrel
01:40 19 Jul 17
After being recommended by close friends to use The A Team for our first ever home search I could not be happier with the outcome. Our agent, Tom Albrecht, has been one of the most genuine, kind and honest individuals i have had the pleasure having work for me. With Tom I felt like I was working with him to learn and find the right property, not being lead to simply buy something and be on my way. Professional with a personal touch would be the best way I could describe it to anyone. Tom was honest and upfront from beginning to end and without a doubt in my mind was instrumental to us getting the best deal we possibly could for a home that we love.If you or someone you know is looking for a home and is unsure of who to choose as an agent I highly recommend choosing The A Team - you will not be disappointed.
Josh B
Josh B
21:59 09 Dec 17
If anyone is ever looking to sell a home, this is the team that EVERYONE should go with!!!These agents work harder than anyone to sell your home!! Especially Brianna!!!She worked day and night to sell our parents home that my brother and I were trying to sell to finish our parents estate. The house is older and needs a lot of work, so the house was challenging to sell as the amount of work it needed scared people away. So there was very little interest in the Home. We just found out tonight it was finally sold! She was not going to give up on the house for us!Brianna thank you so much for all of your hard work!!!!! Best agent ever!
karoline wilson
karoline wilson
04:38 11 Nov 17
The A-Team (Tom) will make sure that you are very well taken care of, that your purchasing experience from beginning to end will be stress free and beyond your expectations. If you want to buy the right house for you and not worry about over paying then The A-Team is the right choice!!
Angela Maxson
Angela Maxson
15:10 16 Dec 17
Aaron helped us sell our fantastic home in Dickinsfield. It wasn't all smooth sailing, but Aaron was confident, persistent and helped us work through the sale (twice!) so we came out smiling on the other end.
Dean Little
Dean Little
19:01 25 Nov 17
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