Why Buy with The A-Team?

We Make Buying a Breeze (FREE Service)

You may have just found the perfect house, or you might be browsing online here and there. Either way, the intention is clear: you’re moving house.

Home buying should be (and is frequently) a great experience: after all, you’re moving to a brand new place! But there are constant challenges to that end goal: overpaying, settling for less… the list goes on.

Home buying is way different than selling. We would know: the A-Team realized the inherent intricacies of buying long ago.

It’s why we decided to have some of our agents specialize in buying. These buyer's specialists only help home buyers and are, therefore, more understanding of the ins and outs of the process.

We’ve found that impatience, and a lack of understanding of the market, are usually what ruins a buyer’s experience. With the A-Team, your agent brings a wealth of market knowledge and advice, all from the perspective of a buyer!

The Right Team for the Big Choice

“We found the house that was perfect for us in record time and for a reasonable price.”.
- Alishia Randall
“The whole experience from start to finish was exactly what you look for when buying a house.”.
- Makenzie Corcoran
“We had no idea what we were doing and he was always available and took the time to answer our questions. ”.
- Twila Mackenzie

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"I have never had a home purchase go as smoothly as this one." - Sarah Clark-Pickett

Frequently Asked Questions

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Resources for Buyers

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Market Analysis

Professionally written and community-acclaimed, our Market Analysis blogs come straight from leader, Tom Albrecht. These free insights come packed with a veteran agent’s advice.

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Fort McMurray Communities

New to town? Fort McMurray is home to many vibrant and growing communities, from Downtown to Dickinsfield. Check out our Community pages for an in-depth look at specific areas of town.

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Advice for Buyers

When should you start your home search? Is spring better than summer? Are condos worth a look? All this and more in our buyer advice blogs.

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers