Parsons Creek Highlights: Skatepark

By Dawn Booth | Aug 20, 2019 | Fort McMurray - Parsons Creek

Fort McMurray skatepark provides one of many outdoor experiences to Parsons Creek North

The Parsons Creek Skatepark is an outdoor hub for skateboarders and creates a safe and designated environment for youth in one of Fort McMurray’s newer neighbourhoods.

Parsons Creek North is north of Timberlea and is the first architecturally controlled community in the city. It’s also the closest subdivision to the oil sands development.

The subdivision was created to help with the high-population demand for housing in the area at the time. Almost a decade following, the third phase of development is still awaiting approval for completion.

The skatepark facility is part of the original Parsons Creek Urban Design Plan, which was submitted to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo council to review and approve in 2010.

In the plan, it stated the new subdivision would have “housing and recreation opportunities to the citizens of Fort McMurray and surrounding area.” And, further included “a regional park site will be located in Parsons Creek to meet the passive recreational needs of the area.”

In 2015, SG Landscaping (a company based out of Spruce Grove) partnered with a local concrete company, Ripley Construction to build the skatepark.

Located on the corner of Heritage and Nicholson Drive, the skatepark is part of an outdoor recreation area, which also includes a spray park, playground and washrooms.

The Parsons Creek Skatepark is the fourth skateboard park to open in Fort McMurray. Other skateparks available in the city include Simons & Lucas Park in Abasand, Casselman Lush Memorial Skate Park at the Borealis Park and the Syncrude Athletic Park in Timberlea.

On Google, the skatepark’s reviews receives 4.3 out of five stars based on the opinion of 48 visitors.

Recent guest Jay Beck gave the park a 5-star rating stating it’s a “great place for anyone to sit, relax and get some exercise.”

According to the Skaters for Public Skateparks (an international non-profit skatepark advocacy organization), skateparks have a wide-range of benefits for the community as they add a healthy, athletic outlet for youth and offer accessible, low-cost, equal opportunities for all children to participate.

Not only do skateparks bring out all wheeled-sport participants to play on their skateboards, BMX bikes, freestyle scooters and inline skates; they also improve safety by having a zoning area for children and youth to take part in their desired sport. To learn more about parks and outdoor recreation areas within the Wood Buffalo region, a full list of information is available online on the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s website.

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