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Community Events

The A-Team is constantly involved in community happenings, both as host and participant. Check back here for the latest events we plan to participate in.

What is Diner en Blanc?

Diner en Blanc is an evening with friends, enjoying a delicious picnic under the stars. Step back in time, put on your most elegant, classy “white” clothes and attend the event of the summer. Diner en...

A Day We Will Never Forget

May 3. Across Canada, it’s just another day, but not here. Today marks 1 year since we all left with great uncertainty as to what the days would bring. Each of us are forever connected through our joined...

A Special (Olympics) Thank You

We’re mailing cards, but I feel like it’s super appropriate to dedicate an early blog post to our clients (and a few strangers) who helped us through random acts of generosity. First thing to know, Breanna is...


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