Benefits of Listing Your Home This Spring

By The A-Team | Apr 16, 2018 | Fort McMurray - Seller Advice

Spring Listings

Spring is upon us, and as the snow melts, many households are getting ready to list. As you may know, spring (and summer) is the busiest time of the year for the real estate market, and is probably the best time to pull the trigger on the selling process, for a variety of reasons.

A house with curb appeal can attract many potential buyers. Obviously, your house will look way nicer in spring-time compared to the colder months. For that reason, you have a curb appeal advantage when you list your home in spring:

The Curb Appeal Advantage

Selling your home in the colder months can be tough because let’s face it, not many homes look great covered in muddy snow and salt. In the spring, nature provides the best natural curb appeal imaginable. Blooming flowers, well-fed gardens, and a freshly washed exterior provides the buyer with a fantastic first impression and lets your home’s selling features shine.
 In Calgary, we all know that spring is right around the corner once the snow starts to melt and this brings buyers out to look at those homes that are on the market.
Spring is a good time to list your house, presentation wise. Your home will show nicer, attracting house hunters, who increase in number at this time of year.

The exterior of your house will look much nicer in spring.

That brings us to the next point. Demand this time of year is much stronger compared to winter. The majority of home buyers are willing to buy during spring:

Demand Is Strong

The latest Buyer Traffic Report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that buyer demand remains very strong throughout the vast majority of the country. These buyers are ready, willing and able to purchase…and are in the market right now! More often than not, multiple buyers are competing with each other to buy a home.

Take advantage of the buyer activity currently in the market. h/t

Spring is the ideal season for selling simply because more buyers are looking for homes. This will keep interest constant. This is great for home sellers since they will have more options for potential new buyers.

Lastly, spring is a great time for making home improvements and repairs. Home improvements are best when done in spring.

It’s a great time for home improvement

Spring is many people’s favourite season of the year. Obviously, there are many valid reasons why this is so; but, one of the best things about spring is that it is an ideal time to sell your home.

Whether you want to make improvements to your house to make selling easier, or you plan to sell your home as a fixer-upper, the knowledge that spring and the coming summer months is the perfect time to attend to these tasks will benefit you during the listing and sales process. read more at

Spring repairs and maintenance are more effective at this time since you can assess any winter damage to your home. You can also make plans for home improvements which could increase the value of your home.

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