"How To" Videos

This vlog series is all about How-To: How to use our site, how to stage a home, how to get a great deal, how to negotiate, how to be notified immediately when foreclosures hit the market, how to understand the monthly market report all our clients receive by email. It's a chance to connect a bit more with our agents while they give you hints & tips.

How To Find Foreclosures in Fort McMurray (Without Signing Up)

Feb 28, 2020

Looking for foreclosures? Here’s exactly how to find them. You can find many of them labelled clearly on our site (as well as court-ordered sales) without having to give your personal information. Here’s where..

5 (+1!) Cool Things About The A-Team Fort McMurray Custom Home Search

Oct 07, 2019

Are you looking for houses? Check out our wikkid new custom search option on our website.

Fort McMurray Home Search - Create Your Account and Save a Search

Oct 05, 2019

You can now SAVE a search and come back to it later. Check it out now!

Fort McMurray Home Search - A-Team Custom Search Tutorial

Oct 02, 2019

Check out our new custom search feature on our website!