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Improving the Experience

It’s a TOTAL cliche, but we really wanted to make “more than just a website”.

This web-experience is a place where you can get to know The A-Team’s take on real estate before you even meet us. Sounds like BS, so what the heck am I talking about?!...

You're thinking about buying a home in Fort McMurray.

Let’s say you're doing a little market research.

You might assume that there are already multiple websites you can go to find homes in a stress free, easy way, without being hassled. We tried this and it didn’t work. There were too many popups, it was hard to find the search tool, and as we heard from our clients, there were mandatory “sign up” boxes throughout our local internet, and you’d end up talking to agents about homes, sometime before you were ready.  

We figured you’d prefer a different, better kind of web-experience. That’s where and The A-Team come in. Here’s some awesome features of the experience you’re going to have (we especially like numbers 3 and 4)...

Hassle-Free Home-Shopping

First things first, we are not going to bother you with pop-ups requiring you to sign-up or with emails saying things like “we notice you have been saving lots of listings” and asking for your business. If you don’t want to sign up, don’t sign up. The search tool is free and no-hassle either way.

We would LOVE it if we could have you sign up without giving us your email (our agents will never email you), but unfortunately the geeks that made the site with us, tell us that there’s no other way. The big thing is though, that we won’t email you personally (see point 4 below). Important note: displays pretty much every Fort McMurray listing in town (we’ve cut out areas like Taiganova Industrial Park to make things easier for you).

No-Holds-Barred Search

Secondly, search is easy to find and even easier to use (on any device). We have a basic search and an advanced search, and both are tailor-made for Fort McMurray buyers (suite, garage, lot size, wood foundations etc). They have been designed to be AWESOME search tools you can come back to. Even better, you can save your searches so you don’t have to type the same stuff in, day after day!

Thirdly, we aren’t hiding anything. Things like condo fees, taxes, whether a place is a pending sale or a wood foundation - these are all important fields that we have made available (and in many cases searchable), so you don’t have to contact us or anyone else for the information. That’s it, just free information, from us, to you. To make your life easier.

Fourthly, we have some really cool stuff going on: You can save listings (that’s actually not that cool), and you can ask to be emailed automatically if those listings change price, go pending or sell/expire (leave the MLS®). You can even set up an automatic search, so that you get emailed automatically (without being hassled by anyone) when new listings come up that meet your criteria, or drop price into your price range. You can choose how regularly to receive these emails.

We're gambling a little bit here. You see, we're hoping that, if we provide the best tools, and gain your trust over time, by not hassling you with pop-up forms, emails and sign-ups etc, when you get closer to your time to move (when you’re ready), you’ll maybe give us a hola so we can either:

  • Show you a listing and hold a consultation where we can guide you
  • Hold a straight-up consultation
This way you get to relax, hang out and enjoy some awesomeness. We get to hang out with our existing clients, and when your time comes, maybe you’ll allow us to get you the best possible deal on the perfect home for you. After all, we do have 3 Buyer’s Agents who specialize in exactly that.

And that’s a rare thing too.

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