Tips for a Less Stressful Move

By The A-Team | Aug 29, 2018 | Fort McMurray - Seller Advice

Bri Lords represents Monkey Bar Storage, a local garage storage and organization company. As an expert in moves, she will be sharing a little about managing them without trouble.

Moving Out Without Stressing Out

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. With so many tasks to do before a move, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Disorganization only compounds that stress. Through a little bit of organization, the moving process will go smoothly and make the entire process of starting a new chapter of life more enjoyable.

Create a Plan

As soon as you decide to list your home or start looking for a new place to live, write down a list of things that need to be completed before you walk out the door for the last time. Remember to include deep cleaning, repairs, financial tasks, changing addresses on important accounts, and packing lists. The peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what to do can’t be recreated without preparation.

Make Sure You Have Enough Time

With the excitement of a move, it’s easy to allow yourself to procrastinate. Scrambling to get everything done will make you regret not taking advantage of the time you had to plan. Giving yourself enough time to complete all of your tasks will help you avoid additional stress.

Starting small and taking things one step at a time will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed with all that needs to be completed before the move. Move through your list one task at a time instead of trying to tackle the whole list at once.

Plan Your Schedule

Whether you have the luxury of time or the excitement of an unexpected move, a game plan will become your most valuable asset. To get started, figure out how much time you have between your move out date and the day you move into your new residence. With that information, you can create your schedule. Try to estimate the amount of time you will need for the items on your list and block out time for each task. To make sure you don’t run out of time, be sure to afford more time than you think you’ll need for each task.

A packing schedule might sound odd, but it will help you ensure that everything gets packed correctly. It’s tempting to pack everything at once, only to find out that you’ve packed away something you need. Failing to label your boxes is also going to lead to headaches when you can’t find a specific item previously packed away. With a packing schedule and labels, you will know where to find what you’re looking for at all times.


Some things need to be completed early on in the moving process while other items can wait until later; knowing which is which can help you avoid unnecessary stress. For example, packing the toiletries you use most often can wait until the end of the packing process, while decluttering or packing away seasonal items can happen early on in your moving process.


This new adventure doesn’t have to strike fear and anxiety into your heart. With a little preparation, everything will get done and you will enjoy precious peace of mind. When you start to feel overwhelmed by everything on your list, take a break from packing and cleaning and do something that makes you happy. Whatever way you choose to relax and disconnect from your move, allow yourself to truly leave the stress behind so you are able to return to your moving tasks with a refreshed spirit.

Moving isn’t something most people do very often, so we should treat it like the adventure that it is. With a little bit of planning, this adventure can be one to cherish!

Author: Monkey Bar Storage Fort McMurray is a garage storage and organization company, dedicated to helping homeowners create and maintain an organized life. Through innovative techniques and products, they can help you maximize your space effectively.

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