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It's Your First Time

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It’s your first time buying a house, and you’re overwhelmed. That’s understandable: between the home search, the showings, the paperwork… the list goes on. How do you get through it alive?

Here’s the truth: as a first-time buyer, you’re at risk of making common mistakes. Maybe you settle for the wrong home. Maybe you overpay?

Don’t get us wrong: it’s entirely possible to have a great first-time buying experience. That’s where we come in!

We’re bursting with information, and our main goal is to fill the gaps in your knowledge so you can finally enjoy that first night in a home of your own.

Step-by-Step Process

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#1 Finding the Right Home

So many homes on the market, but only one is the best one out there for you. Your search starts online, and then moves into showings, where your specialist buyer’s agent will advise you on each home’s intricacies. No pressure here: take all the time you need.

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#2: Making the Offer

You’ve found your dream home, and it’s within your budget! Now it’s time to make an offer. Negotiations can be especially tricky as a first-timer, but that’s why you have a buyer’s agent at your side. We’ll make the offer and negotiate with the listing agent on your behalf, so you can get the best price possible.

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#3: Sealing the Deal

Your offer was accepted, and it’s time to move in!.. well, almost. Before the big day, there is important paperwork and legal documents that need to be addressed. Your buyer’s agent will handle most of this, but you’ll be kept in the loop: as a first-timer, experience is priceless!

First Time's the Charm with The A-Team

5 Tom from the A-Team was amazing! Tom helped us purchase our first home. He was very professional and friendly. He really took the time to understand what our wants and needs were. We were able to buy our dream home at an amazing price, all thanks to Tom. Tom goes above and beyond your expectations. We hit a snag in our negotiations and he was able to figure out a away around it. Thank you Tom. We could not have asked for a better realtor.

Alison Jones

a month ago

5 Great experience buying our first house with Tom. He was patient and understanding and gave us more time than we deserved. Ultimately, we ended up in a great place for a great price. Thank you, Tom!

Matthew Ready

3 months ago

5 Tom helped me buy my first house. He single handedly ensured my offer got accepted and got me the perfect place. He went above and beyond to get me this house and I couldn’t be happier with it! I would honestly recommend him to anyone because I’ve experienced him really caring for his clients in the most sincere way. And the best thing is that he’s HONEST. And that’s something you need when buying your first home or even a second or third...to make sure you are in the right place to buy a home and to be practical about it, I really appreciate that. There are realtors who just want you to buy a house and then there are realtors who understand that home-buying is a personal experience and genuinely want that for you. He’s that person. You won’t be disappointed!

amna nadeem

a month ago

5 Toms "A" Team is amazing! My wife and I bought/sold 5 homes over 25 years, and Tom, hands down was the best agent by far. His attention to detail with respect to every aspect of the home search and purchase made the experience straight foreword and stress free. Thanks so much for doing such a great job. Chris&Melissa Serroul

Melissa Serroul

5 months ago

5 Breanna is the best realtor to sell your home! Over the years of real estate investing we’ve dealt with dozens of realtors and Breanna has exceeded all our expectations. Not only she sold the house within a short time frame and for the price we wanted, she was a step ahead in every stage of this transaction. Her sales record speaks volumes. If you are looking for a stress-free selling experience in Fort McMurray, choose Breanna to represent you. She is intelligent, organized and is a super nice person to deal with!

Anna V

a week ago

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