How to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

By The A-Team | Jan 24, 2018 | Fort McMurray - Seller Advice

Getting ready to sell? Or are you still thinking about it? With only so many funds available, investing smartly in your soon-to-be-sold home can make or break a sale. Here are a few steps that can be done to increase resale value.

First impressions are critical in home selling. A home buyer can decide whether they are interested in your home just through its appearance. A recent post from WNY Health Care Council suggests one thing sellers can do:

Have an interior designer redesign your home.

This is so that the resale value of their property will be high enough should they need to sell the house off. The following are ways for homeowners to boost the resale value of their house:

Appearances count a lot for these buyers. To make sure that your home fits that of the trendy home styles now, you should invite an interior designer to come into your property and draft plans for redesigning it. Via

There are a lot of ways you can leave a great first impression for home buyers. Redesigning does a lot to keep your home in line with the new trends and home styles, but it's just one path you can take.

How do you know which improvements are needed? You might want to think like a potential buyer. A new post from Kitchen and Bath Classics discusses why assessing your house like a buyer can help you point out issues in your home:

Think Like a Buyer

One of the best ways to assess the potential appeal of your home is to investigate it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Give everything a proper assessment and don’t talk yourself out of clearing up an obvious issue.

Similarly, remember that a buyer will be acutely aware of clutter or poor interior design. Keep things organized and use potted plants or framed photos to make your home look a little more arresting. h/t

Sellers have a tendency to be biased, since it's their home. But looking at the home objectively can give light to some easy-to-miss opportunities.

Assess your house as a potential buyer


Lastly, small improvements. This is important to those looking for cheap upgrades that increase their home’s resale value. They may be called small, but these improvements go a long way:

Make Small Improvements, Too

You might be feeling discouraged if you don’t have the money for the big remodels, but you can always seek the help of Tempe hard money lenders. Even if you don’t go for the loan, however, you can still make changes that will improve your resale value. Minor kitchen and bathroom remodels in which fixtures and floors are replaced can be crucial. Another inexpensive way to make a big impact on your home is a new coat of paint on each room inside. Painting the exterior is also a fantastic tactic to improve the look of your home, and this curb appeal will matter when it’s time to sell. Read more at
As said, everything counts: it's not even the best idea to go all out for your improvements. Sometimes the small upgrades are really all you need.

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