A Quick Guide to Listing Your Home

By The A-Team | Jul 02, 2018 | Fort McMurray - Seller Advice

From Listing to Sale

The process of listing your home is a nuanced one. There's timing, price, marketing, and more to take into account. That said, each stage can be prepared for:

Unless you suddenly face huge life changes, listing without taking time to consider the timing isn't a good idea. Selling at the right time makes all the difference:

Time It Right

Ready to sell your home, or at least starting to think about it? If it’s that time in your life, we applaud you for doing your research before getting started.

Talk to your real estate agent or REALTOR® to know exactly when you should list your home. Inventory typically drops in the winter months, with the assumption that no one wants to buy a house when it’s cold out, but your real estate agent will know the market best, so make sure you ask them when the optimal time to list really is.

Most home sellers choose different seasons depending on their preferences, particularly how long they want to wait.

Pricing is just as important. A high price may make you confident, but in the wrong market, it's a doomed attempt:

Pricing Your Home

The first thing that buyers notice about your property is the price. A common mistake is pricing too high, which can turn off buyers from the beginning before they even consider anything else. With a high price, potential buyers seem to find all the flaws. Additionally, when a price is set at or below market, buyers tend to feel more comfortable making an offer. Finding just the right price is key to selling your home. HINT: Many of the things mentioned above can assist in determining this. The different aspects of pricing can be discussed with your realtor h/t trianglerealtyllc.com
A high price can lead to your listing staying on the market for a long time, while a low price eats up profits. Most agents will provide you with market info designed to keep you in the balance.


Stage your home in the best way possible


Once the above is decided, staging comes next.  A recent post from Avenue Realty Group discusses how to make the proper preparations to your home to get the most value out of it.

Staging Your Home For Sale

Once you have decided it is time to list, you need to take an objective look at your home, which is an understandable challenge for most sellers. Buyers are going to be more inclined to make an offer on a home that has been well maintained and priced correctly. Make sure you have repaired or replaced anything that is not in working order or not in good condition. Now is the time to fix the door that always sticks, re-caulk the bathtub, fix the broken electrical outlet, etc. Depending on the age and condition of the home, sometimes a pre-listing inspection can be helpful. This list of “quick fixes” may seem daunting.

A home that is decorated well and de-personalized will sell more quickly than a home that hasn’t been updated in decades and is cluttered with family photo walls. Remember, a buyer is more likely to make an offer on a home where they can visualize themselves and their family. If you are not sure how to accomplish this, Avenue Realty has the design and home read more at avenuerealtygroup.com

Keep in mind that staging your home can increase its home value, so it's ideal to watch yourself and not go too far when preparing the house.

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