Smart Home Trends in 2018

By The A-Team | Mar 19, 2018 | Fort McMurray - Seller Advice

With the quick advancement of technology nowadays, living in a smart home is slowly becoming normal. New innovations in the smart home sector have grown exponentially over the past few years and with their high adoption rate, there's no doubt that smart technology is a must-have feature in homes for home buyers and sellers alike. Here are a few smart home trends to watch out for this year.

As more and more appliances connect to the internet, security has become an issue. That is why smart security solutions have become more commonplace. A recent post from Smarterware talks about the importance of having home security solutions:

Home Security Solutions

“Security products will have a big showing at CES this year because they serve dual purposes,” smart home analyst Blake Kozak said prior to the event. “A security camera can alert you to when a package has arrived at the front door or when a child arrives home from school. Moreover, security cameras and video doorbells can act as a communication portal for parents, children, and family.”

Smart security solutions are what will help propel the market forward in the coming months. Whereas people may be less likely to spend on superfluous technologies, security is seen as an integral investment. This gives it an automatic advantage. Via

Smart home security systems are considered to be a priority. Security is very important, and it's likely that having a robust security system will pay off when the time comes to sell your home to a cautious buyer.


Voice assistance for your smart products!


Next on the list are voice assistants. They've surged in popularity in recent years. A new post from The Culture Supplier discusses the advantages of voice assistants for your home.

Voice Assistance in Everything

With these innovative solutions and products, different Smart Home News all over the globe state that there are more to come this year that are much more enticing and worthier of the attention.

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are known to be the voice assistants of today. As the year emerges, there are no known new additions to these voices (except for Alexa) but features and controls of these assistants are further expanded. It is seen that there will be a huge development on cloud integrations with these voice assistants and other smart products.

In these developments, it is now made possible to control almost everything through Apple’s Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant if smart products are efficiently connected to the internet. h/t

More and more devices have started to get voice-activated into their hardware. Voice commands are the new way to control your home and get information on anything from the weather to the best team to call:

Lastly, advancements in lighting are sure to affect the way home interiors are shown off. Lighting that changes tone automatically sounds impractical, but research has shown that light colors have effects on health:

Tunable White Lighting

Science shows that the lighting can affect our moods, productivity, sleep and other functions. A cooler (bluish) hue can boost our energy, while a warmer (reddish) tone can calm us. Tunable white lighting, with variable color temperatures that can change automatically or manually, can help humans improve performance, moods and overall health.
These lighting systems will likely do a lot to make a home stand out, especially in these pre-mass adoption times.

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