A Newbie And a Pro Go Bowling in Fort McMurray

By Sheron Meghjani | Apr 13, 2020 | Fort McMurray - Downtown

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Who Are We?

My name is Amna, and this wonderful blog that you are about to read is about a shared experience with my best friend/the other A-Team Admin, Sheron. We went bowling for the first time together and it was quite amusing...

One of us is a newbie, and the other is a pro (kinda). I’ll let you decide who’s who.


Our Experience

Before reading our experience, check out our blog that’s all about The Alley YMM.

I asked Sheron what she would write if she had to write a review about The Alley:


  “My wrists are still in pain from bowling. Listen to the techniques because otherwise, it will hurt your body parts. Overall, it was an amazing experience.” - Sheron


Even though Sheron and I have been friends for five years, there is SO much we haven’t done together. We can now officially check bowling off that list. Sheron may have had painful wrists the following day, but if you bowl with the right technique, you should not go through the same pain. She’s a bit of a wimp, don’t worry.


The funniest part for me was right at the beginning. Because it’s brand new, The Alley YMM is super high tech. For example, you can pick a theme that you want to have displayed on your score-keeping screen. Then you take a posey selfie to be displayed on your screen every time you get points (and a sad #selfie that later shows up when you bowl a gutter ball). It was a super cool element that made the experience that much more enjoyable.  It’s hard to explain - just check it out and be prepared for some laughs. :)


What Helps Me Look Like I Know What I’m Doing

I am not a professional bowler, but these key tips help me knock down a few pins:


  1. Pick a ball that feels right (not too heavy, finger holes just the right size)
  2. Aim (look either at the middle pin or the markers in the middle of the lane)
  3. Keep the palm of your hand up
  4. Do NOT flick/throw the bowling ball
  5. The slower you run, the likelier chances of the bowling ball going into the gutter

Hope it works!


Would We Go Again?


We would absolutely go again because it was such a fun experience! In fact, we’ll probably go with The A-Team agents for our next team building activity! 


One Last Thing


There are excellent food options. We tried their cheese pizza and it was amaze-balls (they even have a 36inch pizza which looks incredible). You can also call your server through your monitor and they were incredibly polite, well-mannered, and friendly. 


Why Write This Blog?


We write community blogs all the time, and the agents write about the housing market. Stick around, explore the site, you might find out more about our amazing town! :)

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Sheron Meghjani

Sheron Meghjani is The A-Team's Unlicensed Assistant. She lives full time in Fort McMurray and loves the community. Sheron writes about the community and about her experiences here.