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Around Town: Fort McMurray News (Week of August 3)

By The A-Team | Aug 03, 2018 | Community Events

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It’s time for another edition of our weekly column from the A-Team. Here is some important news for this week.

Oilsand companies are optimistic about the future due to second-quarter results released this past week. From My McMurray:

Oilsands companies upbeat about future as Q2 results reveal gains and setbacks

The brighter picture is reflected in news that Husky Energy Inc. is increasing its dividend for the second time since reinstating it in April, along with reports of record production at Cenovus Energy Inc. and a faster-than-expected ramp up of Suncor Energy Inc.’s new Fort Hills oilsands mine and Hebron East Coast offshore oil project.

“The dividend increase is a reflection of our board’s confidence in our financial framework and ongoing reductions in our cost structure,” said Husky CEO Rob Peabody on a conference call Thursday, adding he is seeing “a more constructive outlook” ahead for oil prices. Via mymcmurray.com

In spite of the setbacks, the three companies have shown strong results from refining and marketing divisions.

In other news, a newly developed tool is aimed to help senior citizens during natural disasters, according to Jaryn Vecchio of Mix News:

Newly Developed Tool Aimed At Helping Seniors During Natural Disaster

Researchers at the University of Waterloo were looking at ways for first responders and providers to better support the elderly and came up with the idea to generate an up-to-date list of vulnerable adults using home care services.

The tool takes into account disability, health status, social isolation, and the amount of support an individual may receive from caregivers.

“Older adults living on their own are more difficult to locate and assist than those living in healthcare facilities,” said Sandy Van Solm, algorithm developer, in a release.

“This algorithm helps us to plan for disasters in advance and allows responders to quickly generate an accurate list of those who may need help during a disaster.” h/t mix1037fm.com

The clients are assessed every six to 12 months to determine their health status and service needs, a program that should avert problems like those faced during the 2016 wildfire.


Credit: www.fortmcmurraytoday.com


Lastly, the 2018 ATCO Fort McMurray Food Festival, that took place this week, has raised $50,000 for Waypoints:

Food Festival raises $50,000 for Waypoints

Cliff Dimm, board chair for Waypoints, said in a statement that the event really was a win-win for everyone who was involved and attended.

“This is an amazing event for our community, bringing attention to our excellent food and beverage industry and also our local entertainers,” she said. “And as an awesome added bonus, provides much-needed funds for us at Waypoints to sustain our ever growing and needed programs and services.”

The festival was held July 25 – 29 and had seven events throughout the week, including a Food Truck Showcase, which closed off a potion of Franklin Ave. for the first time in almost 10 years to add to the festival atmosphere. read more at fortmcmurraytoday.com

The money raised is a boon for Waypoints in continuing their services for those in need of help and have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse, and homelessness.

That’s all for this weeks’ roundup. Check back on The A-Team blog for more news and updates on Fort McMurray.

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