Why The A-Team?

Enjoy our Stress-Free Sales Process

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Congratulations! You Did It! 🎊 🎉

Experience the fleeting sense of calm. You deserve it.

The hard work for you is finding a reputable and proficient selling team to list your home. Your part is done.

Selling your home quickly, painlessly, and at the highest possible price is our job.

Get Top Dollar for Your Home

Hundreds of other Fort McMurray homeowners agree: the right team makes all the difference. Partnering with the best team of listing agents is what will make that “for sale” sign fly off your lawn, rather than being an eyesore for six months or more.

We're the best team of listing agents in the area – our homeowners believe it, and our success rate proves it! In fact, during the housing market slump of 2015 (a time when the community assumed that it was impossible to sell), we sold close to a dozen homes at full list price, with several fetching more than the listed price!

If you look at what we do, it’s pretty simple.
We put your home in front of as many qualified buyers as possible, on our dime.

I'd Like to Talk About My Home!

"[Breanna] told me with 100% confidence and certainty she could get the job done and that’s exactly what happened. " - Channing Pass

What's the Selling Experience Like?

“Even though we are living out of town, she helped us throughout the process and made sure everything went proper. ”.
- Hemang Shah
“From answering messages all day every day, to dealing with numerous issues on the buyer's side, to picking up garbage as the snow melted since we weren't living at the house. It felt like we were having a close friend working with us.”.
- Mitchell Weber
“The A-Team sold our Condo when other REALTORS® couldn't”.
- Colleen Bussey

Our Results Speak for Themselves

99 Team Sales

in 2023

36 Sales

2024 (So Far)


Available Homes

We Power Social Media

3D Tours

Our YouTube ads popped up over 7 million times in Fort McMurray between 2014 and 2019, and that helped us build a respected & recognizable brand in our community. Springboarding from that, we've moved one step further...

All of our listings get a 3D tour as standard. This tour will be embedded in your listing here at ateamymm.ca, and at realtor.ca. This feature allows thousands of potential leads for your home actually explore it, without disturbing you. They fall in love. You live in peace.

We promise to get as many motivated, qualified buyers through your home (virtually & in real life) as possible!

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Show Your Home to the World

Fort Mac buyers are on Facebook. Our listed properties are ALL over their news feed. We don’t solely rely on our 10k+ social media followers, even though we could: the majority of those followers are active buyers, and ALL of those followers likely know an active buyer.

Instead, we push targeted ads in front of everyone in the community using Facebook. This means tens of thousands of eyes, and a surefire source of potential buyers for your home!

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The Future of Real Estate Marketing

While not as emphasised as Facebook, Instagram is a rapidly growing place to showcase your home. With a comparatively young audience, Instagram is where we’ll find the younger buyers ready to move into a home of their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be worried that my home will not sell?

How can we compete with foreclosure listings?

Are prices going up or falling right now? Will the market go back up?

Can you advise me on home improvements & staging?

How long is a listing contract? Am I locked in?

If we list our home, do we owe money if it doesn’t sell?

How long does it take for you to list my home?

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