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The A-Team was founded by Tom & Breanna and is still owned and operated by them. Tom & Breanna have sold 561 Fort McMurray homes (& counting) and have overseen agents selling hundreds more.

Our Values

Breanna(left) and Tom(right), posing.

Moving is much more than a transaction. You can count on your experience with us to embody our values:

Being Honest

Whether buying or selling, you want to be sure you’re making the right move. Sometimes this means price advice that’s hard to hear, and rates we can’t control. Sometimes it means not moving at all! Whatever it is, we don’t sugarcoat. You’ll know what we know.

Working Hard

Need to see that dream home late on Saturday? We’ll be there. Real estate is tough, especially in our current market. But that’s not something a little spit and grit can’t handle. You can rest easy knowing we aren’t holding anything back during your move.

Being Kind

No matter the situation, it’s important to uphold the golden rule. Our relationship with you is built to last much longer than a transaction, so we bring our best selves.

Information is Freedom

As you can see in our resources section, we don’t hide anything behind contracts or email opt-in forms. Our duty as agents is to share our wealth of knowledge of the market with you.

Driving Industry Innovation

From sophisticated Facebook campaigns to eye-catching twilight photos, we’ve been at the forefront of changes in the real estate world, and will continue to do so as more exciting technologies pop up.

I'd Like to talk about a home!

"Even though we are living out of town, she helped us throughout the process and made sure everything went proper. " - Hemang Shah

Bringing Our "A" Game. Every Day.

“The whole experience from start to finish was exactly what you look for when buying a house.”.
- Makenzie Corcoran
“We found the house that was perfect for us in record time and for a reasonable price.”.
- Alishia Randall
“The A-Team sold our Condo when other REALTORS® couldn't”.
- Colleen Bussey

How it all Started

Tom Albrect's Business Card from the beginning of his career

Phase 1: Tom Can't Sell

Check out Tom's first business card - this is where it all started. Back then, Tom sold a few homes, yes, but it wasn't his passion.

He was good at finding homes though. He did help a good few buyer clients during those lonely years. His brutal honesty caught on with nervous home buyers. So he stuck to that.

Trying to help both sellers and buyers was a problem for Tom.

Breanna & Tom's Wedding Photo, they are standing outside in the snow, Breanna is wearing skates.

Phase 2: Enter Breanna

After a year or so learning the ropes, Tom went on a routine trip to Calgary that ended up planting the seeds for what would become The A-Team.

Breanna was sitting on a fence eating a candy apple, when Tom asked for a bite... and they fell in love, got married and are living happily ever after.

Breanna had an amazing position at Imperial Oil which she gave up so she could obtain her real estate license and move to Fort McMurray. They bought a hous, and on April 10th 2014, they launched their husband and wife team.

Two months later, the oil price began falling.

Breanna & Tom's Wedding Photo, they are standing outside in the snow, Breanna is wearing skates.

Phase 3: “You and Me Vs. the World”

The early days were pretty “cowboy”: On the marketing side, Tom & Breanna were some of the first agents in Canada to start using a drone for aerial photography/videography. Enjoy their cheesy first production here.

They came up with some principles to follow when designing how to best help people, and they split the work up.

That became the secret of the A-Team’s future success: recognizing that buying and selling were two completely different real estate experiences, which, in turn, meant the two roles should be split.

Tom’s Master’s in Economics from the University of Oxford, along with Breanna’s Degree in Finance, allowed them to make their buyer and seller clients aware of the seriousness of the oil price collapse on the local real estate market.

Going to most of their appointments together, Breanna and Tom, totally in love, tried to bring smiles and some level of comfort to their clients, despite the tough news they had the responsibility of delivering.

The A-Team Today

The A-Team remains faithful to its early principles, the idea of specialization, and is obsessed with creating mind-blowing client experiences. Team members wake up every morning with the goal of delivering service far beyond your expectations, whether your goal is to sell your home for top dollar, in ANY market, or to find your dream home and secure it for the lowest possible price. That’s what we mean when we say: Bringing Our “A” Game. Every Day.

I'd Like to Talk About My Home!

Breanna Albrecht Headshot

Breanna Albrecht

Helps Sellers

By the number of sales, Breanna was the #1 listing agent in Fort McMurray in 2016 (by a wide margin: 33%) and 2018. She lists properties for sale (and sells them!) Breanna co-founded the team with her husband, Tom, in 2014. She is passionate about helping her clients sell their home for top dollar, strong representation/negotiation, synchronized skating, snowboarding, and of course, their dog, Matilda, and cat, Edgar. Breanna is from Regina, SK (GO RIDERS!) and holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from the University of Regina.

Tom Albrecht Headshot

Tom Albrecht

Helps Buyers

Tom was the #1 Fort McMurray buyer's agent by number of sales in 2017 and 2018 and #2 in 2016 and 2019. Tom is originally from Yorkshire in the UK and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Oxford. Tom is passionate about Special Olympics, snowboarding, economics, and his wife, Breanna, He serves clients in Fort McMurray & Calgary as well as providing market updates for both service areas.

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"I never had to wait any length of time for her to answer my call or text. " - Diane Elizabeth Gaulton