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Location is critical when it comes to real estate. Choosing the perfect neighbourhood greatly matters because it can determine the value of a home. While homebuyers have different preferences and needs when it comes to the location of their house, pthe hyperlocal community also plays big park. Here are a few valuable tips and factors you might want to keep in mind when searching for a neighbourhood.

One factor you should always consider is your current and potential income. Mortgage brokers can tell you a lot more about the topic, but in general you should take into account your income for the next yearsyear:.

Consider your current and potential income

Depending on your income, the style of house you want, and a number of other factors, you may prefer a certain neighbourhood over others. Because of that, you want to know how to choose the neighbourhood that’s right for you and that will meet  your needs, now and in the future. While neighbourhoods can and do change over time, they also stay somewhat the same. Moving into the right one for you can keep you happy in your home for a number of years.

How much you make dictates where you live to some extent. But that doesn’t mean that everyone with a high income wants to max out their home-buying power, or that people who don’t make as much can’t find nice homes. There are opportunities for great homes in Montrose, CO for nearly all income classifications. Additionally, when you’re looking at your neighbourhood, you may want to focus on the best one you can afford, or choose one that is up-and-coming, where the property values are rising. That can help you build more equity and value in your home over time. Via

The "perfect" house may turn out to be too high relative to your current income, but if you're expecting more money in the future it may be worth it to wait it out. Looking out for general trends in neighbourhoods is also a good strategy because the value of the property might rise in the future.

The next factor on our list is demographics. A new post from Victoria News explains why demographics play a huge role in home buying:


While we often focus on the right home for our needs, the right neighbourhood can be just as important.

Do you value walkability, for example, or do you prefer a rural setting? Do you need access to schools or is shopping and dining more important?

Is a quiet, established neighbourhood with amenities and resources for seniors important, for example, or would you prefer an area popular with young families where lemonade stands and street hockey games are close at hand? A fun, funky vibe – think Fernwood! – or mixed community of single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums that attract a wide cross-section of residents? h/t

Each and every family has their own preferences and needs, from many schools to many activities. In this way no neighbourhood is truly bad- some will just fit more than others.


Safety is always a priority!


Lastly is safety - a recent post from Tommy Realtor shares why safety is an essential factor that homebuyers should be aware of:


Selecting the right neighbourhood goes hand in hand with finding the right home to purchase. Many people will weigh features such as waterfront location, school ratings and proximity to the beach or parks. Other factors including budget, taxes, assessed values and operating costs will also be considered.

Communities with a higher rate of owner occupants also result in safer communities as residents become more vested in their neighbourhoods. Research has found that there is a link between above average rates of homeownership and lower than average crime rates. For a full crime report visit the local police station in your neighbourhood of consideration. read more at

Researching the neighbourhood or even visiting the local police station for a crime report can help you determine whether that neighbourhood can be a safe place for you to live. A safe neighbourhood is a worthwhile investment.

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