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Housing Market Update May 15, 2019

We bring you the latest Canadian real estate market updates and this week’s roundup is an interesting one, with interest rates and laundering schemes galore. For starters, a possible interest rate hike that seemed likely after last year's wave is now looking less so:...

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What’s Happening in Fort McMurray? (May 10)

Fort McMurray brings you all the best activities and events for both kids and adults and they are just around the corner. We bring you the latest happenings and fun stuff that are set to take place over the next two weeks. On May 11, 2019, an early Mother’s Day dinner...

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Fort McMurray Housing Market: April 2019 Update

April 2019 brought with it better weather, a provincial election, and new housing market action. What will the political impact be on our community? Are prices still falling? A-Team leader and buyer specialist Tom Albrecht returns with a housing market update for...

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Housing Market Update: May 2

The Latest Canadian Housing Market News Shows Fluidity More than Ever The housing market in Canada is one of the most promising and flexible industries and the latest updates we bring you only show more proof of this than in the recent years. Check out the most recent...

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Downtown Highlights: The Redpoll Centre

The Red Poll Centre unites social profits at Shell Place The Red Poll Centre has been settled in its Shell Place location for five years and continues to be home to numerous social profit agencies. Once settled on Franklin Avenue, The United Way of Fort McMurray - and...

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Canada Housing Market: April 29

The downturn in the Canada Housing Market looks set to continue as living quarters are priced off the reach of Canadians in the country's biggest markets. This has affected the number of mortgages held as shown by figures on the Canadian Bankers Association. And this...

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