How Home Improvements Make Your Home Sell Easier

By The A-Team | Jul 31, 2017 | Seller Advice

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Selling your home can be hard in today’s buyer's market. That’s why sellers have to make the most of a buyer's first impression and have all the necessary improvements ready beforehand.

There could be a multitude of reasons why your home isn't selling, some of which are out of your control. But one thing you can control is the presentation of your house. A recent post from Trulia mentions presentation, among other reasons:

8 Reasons Your House Isn’t Selling in a Hot Market— Trulia Blog

7. The house smells bad

There’s a saying in real estate: “If I can smell it, I can’t sell it,” says Joshua Spotts, a Memphis, TN, agent. If you’re immune to the smell of your home, get a friend’s honest opinion. “There is nothing like entering a house and smelling a refreshing scent,” says Spotts.

Solution: Sometimes the remedy is a scented candle or freshly baked cookies. But if your house’s odor is persistent, it’s a good idea to determine what’s causing it and address it. Take care of mold and mildew buildup, pet urine on the carpet, or set-in smoke odor.

8. Your appliances are old

Stainless steel is in, and old, yellowing-white refrigerators are out, says Seth Lejeune, a Collegeville, PA, agent. Although potential buyers realize they can replace a refrigerator, if your appliances look as if they belong on That ’70s Show, buyers might wonder what else might need replacing. “As for HVAC, heaters, and boilers, those are less noticed by prospective buyers during initial walk-throughs but are almost never overlooked at inspection,” notes Lejeune.

Solution: “Update your appliances so they don’t look like they’re on their last legs,” Lejeune says. This advice goes for the unseen too — if your HVAC has a problem, you’re going to have to pay to fix it, or at least come down in your asking price. read more at

Appliances and house smell fall under home improvements. These upgrades might cause you a bit of expense on your side, but in order to sell your house at the price you want, you might decide to do them in preparation for the listing.

There are plenty of improvements you can make to you your home. One essential upgrade is cleaning your home, which sounds obvious, but can't be underestimated. From Ryan Fitzgerald of Raleigh Reality Homes:

Selling your Home? 6 Improvements that Add Value for Resale!

By cleaning your home before you list it for sale you are improving its condition. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when selling your house. Would you rather buy a home that is messy or a home that is clean?

Too often I show buyers homes that are not clean and it amazes me that 1. people don’t realize they need to clean in order to help the property sell and 2. that the listing agent wouldn’t assist their sellers by advising them to keep the house spotless!

A lot of buyers will walk in and out in a matter of seconds if the house is not clean. Hiring a cleaning team once a week, or maintaining the cleanliness of your home yourself is extremely inexpensive when you consider the return on investment.

By cleaning your home and making sure it’s spotless you not only give yourself the best opportunity to sell, you also increase the home’s value. This will ensure you’re doing what it takes to net the highest amount on the sale of your home as well increase your chances of getting it sold! See more...

It'll cost you a little, but impressing the buyer should take priority. In any case, we advise that every home is cleaned to a professional standard, as it really is a major selling point. It gives a great sense to potential buyers of how well the home has been taken care of.

Sometimes, you may want to make more dramatic changes, mostly to increase the value, but also to make the house more attractive. In a buyer's market, we have to be extremely careful when selecting these (values are falling over time!) A recent post from the Justin Havre blog presents a few home improvements you might consider when selling.

5 Home Improvements to Make Before Selling

Every aspect of a home is tested for its quality to ensure that those who would consider buying it know they're getting the best deal for their money. With these home improvements, you will be able to show a home that features what buyers want without the risk of over-renovating.

Hardwood Flooring

There is an obvious reason that so many buyers desire hardwood flooring in their future homes. It looks lovely, holds up very well for a busy family, and can last basically as long as the house. Hardwood flooring is a serious investment, so make sure to be prepared to make it before starting to tear up carpet. If you do, however, you may find that buyers are more likely to want to look at your home. Hardwood flooring is becoming a basic essential for many buyers. It could help sellers compete, especially with an older home. Read full list here...

Along with hardwood floors, one improvement tip given that might get your potential buyers attracted is smart technology. With the advancement of technology, you might choose to invest in smart technology upgrades since there are people looking for homes that can make their lives easier.

It's not easy to sell homes these days, but some aspects are fully in your control: From house appearance to your choice of agent.


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