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By The A-Team | Mar 15, 2019 | Community Events

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Controversial Stances in Canadian Energy Sector Not Slowing Down

We collated a series of hot news in the energy sector in the Canadian forefront and it seems that the controversies are not slowing down at all. For this week’s roundup, the legislative system and the response of the public spark a new set of noteworthy news.

The construction of Canadian pipelines is one of the popular issues in the energy sector and industry watchers are giving it more attention with its significance obviously in play:

More Pipelines Becoming Threat for Oils Trains and Derailments

This month, the Transportation Safety Board confirmed that more than one million liters of oil were spilled when an eastbound oil train tipped onto a ranch near St. Lazare, Manitoba in mid-February.

It is frequently argued in Alberta that if Canadians don’t want oil trains tipping into their streams and reservoirs, they should probably start approving some pipelines. “We can ship our energy products safely or we can ship them by rail,” wrote Alberta premier Rachel Notley. – Via

Authorities see the solution as approving and building more pipelines because at the present, Canada, Alberta for instance, is making more oil production than what it can feasibly move out and deliver by pipeline.

On the other hand, the Canadian legislative niche is facing some challenges especially in terms of the response of the public, particularly some groups regarding the latest laws that cover the energy sector, and most of these reactions are not in the positive side:

Municipalities Coalition to Fight Energy Bill Growing with RMWB Membership

Mention Bill C-69 in Wood Buffalo, and more than likely you will get a negative response.

Council echoed that sentiment when they voted to join the Coalition for Canadian Municipalities for Energy (CCME).

Tabled by councillor Verna Murphy, the primary goal of the CCME is to defeat the controversial energy bill.

Bill C-69 would add more regulations to make signing large oil and gas contracts more difficult and less attractive. In turn, fewer companies may not be so inclined to come to the oilsands to work. – Via

According to the council against Bill C-69, the legislation will stop producers with the stricter regulations, which in turn would affect the economy overall.

In line with the same bill, a Senate Committee is set to visit Fort McMurray in order to conduct a cross-country research tour on Bill C-69:

Bill C-69 Research Tour to Jump Start in Fort McMurray

A Senate Committee is coming to Fort McMurray as part of a cross-country tour for research on Bill C-69. The Bill would bring in a new ‘Impact Assessment Act’ while repealing the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, established in 2012. Overall, approving energy projects and pipelines would broaden, with the public and Indigenous groups getting more opportunities to participate in the process. – Via
The committee will be visiting Fort McMurray on 10 April 2019 with First Nation groups expected to actively participate to let their views regarding the gas and oil industry be known.

Get more firsthand information on the energy sector in Canada when we give you our next set of news next week.

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