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Downtown Highlights - The McMurray Experience

Feb 02, 2019

A digital media space for all to discover McMurray Experience is an interactive space located in Fort McMurray downtown’s core to...

The Ups and Downs of the Canadian Real Estate Market

Jan 30, 2019

From Hong Kong to Paris, the housing market is facing a lot of changes on a global scale. Canadian real estate is certainly not an exception...

Paddy McSwiggins

Jan 28, 2019

Local Irish pub looks to March 2019 for reopening Paddy McSwiggins – Celtic Ales & Eatery – has been the go-to spot for hundreds of...

Canadian Real Estate Prices – Should You Be Worried?

Jan 22, 2019

A continuously changing beast, the latest in the Canadian real estate market is something to keep tabs on. It's important to know that the market...

Thickwood Highlights: Doug Barnes Cabin

Jan 19, 2019

Built for outdoor enthusiasts Doug Barnes Cabin is a one-of-a-kind public indoor facility offered to residents and community groups to experience Fort McMurray’s beautiful backyard...

Around Town: Fort McMurray News (Week of January 18)

Jan 18, 2019

It’s time for another edition of our weekly column from the A-Team. Here is some important news for the week. Since last fall, Husky Energy has...

Canadian Housing Market: Was December 2018 a Sign of Things to Come?

Jan 16, 2019

The beginning of 2018 saw the implementation of new stress tests for mortgages, casting a pall on home sales at the beginning of the...

Downtown Highlights: Avenue Coffee

Jan 12, 2019

Inside Fort McMurray’s trendiest coffee shop For over two years, Avenue Coffee has been mastering the art of brewing exceptional cups of...

Canadian Housing Market – What’s in Store for 2019

Jan 07, 2019

The New Year is full of new things for the Canadian mortgage market. We have lots of things to tackle when it comes to such...

The Athabasca River

Jan 06, 2019

Widening the local scope on Alberta’s longest river’s history The Athabasca River is Alberta’s longest river at 1,538 kilometres in length and flows adjacent from...

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