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Duplexes are homes that are attached to one other home. Over the years, as building standards/regulations have improved, fire safety and sound managem

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Townhomes, also known as townhouses, usually (but not always) have condo fees. They are similar to duplexes in that they share walls with other homes,

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Condos (Apartments)

Apartments offer easy living and are usually found in the lower price ranges. They are similar to hotel suites in that they provide private living qua

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Entry Level Homes

Entry-level homes are those that are best for first-time buyers or those who are wanting to be a bit more conservative with their purchase. Many times

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Long Listings

We’ve noticed that listings that stay on the market for a while can be more negotiable than ones that have just been listed. This isn’t always the

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Luxury Homes

Luxury homes in Fort McMurray are loaded with exciting features that go beyond peoples’ basic needs. They typically (though not always) have price p

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