Fort McMurray


Fort McMurray is a bustling Northern town, home to many neighbourhoods, old and new alike.

Our bustling city is divided into neighbourhoods north and south of the Athabasca river. Each neighbourhood’s page will give you deeper insight into its amenities, size, and most importantly, homes for sale!


Abasand Heights is a centrally situated Fort McMurray community minutes away from the main highway, Highway 63, and downtown. With a population of about 5,000. Learn More...

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The hamlet of Anzac is located in the southern region of the Municipality and easily accessible from Alberta Highways 63 and 881. Learn More...

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Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is one of Fort McMurray’s oldest communities, situated in the southwest. With a population of more than 2,000 (before the 2016 wildfire). Learn More...

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Dickinsfield is one of the most welcoming communities of Fort McMurray. It is easily accessible from Thickwood Boulevard and is situated between Thickwood and Timberlea. Learn More...

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Also known as the Lower Townsite, downtown Fort McMurray is located in the Clearwater River Valley. The main highway, Highway 63 is easily accessible. Learn More...

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Eagle Ridge

The Eagle Ridge community is a vibrant community located south of Timberlea with many amenities and services offered. It is nearby to Highway 63. Learn More...

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Grayling Terrace

Grayling Terrace is a quiet and private neighbourhood that is situated in the Hangingstone River Valley. It has quick access to various amenities, services, schools, and churches. Learn More...

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Gregoire Lake Estates

Gregoire Lake Estates gives Wood Buffalo residents a backyard backdrop like no other neighbourhood in the area. This small rural hamlet is located by Highway 881. Learn More...

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Gregoire is a peaceful and welcoming community located approximately 30 km south of Fort McMurray with a population of 4,226 according to the 2015 census. Learn More...

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Parsons Creek

Parsons Creek is located north of Timberlea and is the first architecturally controlled community in the city. It is the nearest community in the Regional Municipality. Learn More...

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Prairie Creek

Prairie Creek is one of the newer communities in town. It is easily accessible from Highway 63 and 881 and a few minutes away from downtown Fort McMurray. Learn More...

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Saprae Creek

The hamlet of Saprae Creek is the third largest community in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo which is situated 25 kilometers south of Fort McMurray. Learn More...

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Stonecreek is a family-friendly neighbourhood that is situated north of the bridge near Timberlea. This popular new community is serviced by Fort McMurray Transit. Learn More...

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Thickwood is one of the largest communities in Fort McMurray, with a population of 17,300. It is located north of the Athabasca River. Thickwood Heights has 14 subdivisions. Learn More...

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The neighbourhood of Timberlea, with a population of 36,000, is one of the fastest growing community in Fort McMurray. It is situated at the northwest corner of Fort McMurray. Learn More...

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The Waterways community is a historic neighbourhood and the original townsite of Fort McMurray with a population of about 500, although the numbers are unclear since the 2016. Learn More...

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Wood Buffalo

Wood Buffalo a neighbourhood located north of the Athabasca River. This neighbourhood is easily accessible via Thickwood Boulevard and Highway 63. Learn More...

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