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Why “Aleaha Being on The A-Team” is Good For ME AND YOU!

By The A-Team | Jun 07, 2017 | From The Agents

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Real estate can be an interesting, amazing yet tricky business. From being in the shoes of a first-time buyer or a first-time seller to anything in between, it can all seem a bit daunting, complex and even, some might say, overwhelming.  That being said, it’s always full of excitement, questions, learning, and in my experience, you get to build great friendships and memories along the way.

Before I began a career with The A-Team at RE/MAX® Fort McMurray, I had personally been through some of my own real estate highs and lows. I bought my first home as an excited newlywed, then we bought our “family expanding” second home after we quickly grew from 2 to 6, to 7!  Then we bought an investment property and ended up selling our family home to buy our dream “forever” home. Now this home is currently in the rebuild stage as sadly the fire took her from me before “forever” was up. It’s my goal, I suppose, to dabble in all the stages of home ownership!

Then I began my career in real estate. More than feeling excited, anxious and nervous, in the beginning, I felt a bit alone.

What I didn't realize (in all my excitement) was how much work was involved and how much you’re left to your own devices in this industry. I work at an amazing brokerage and the kind people of RE/MAX® have always been nothing but the most helpful and supportive. However there were times early on when I felt kind of lonely and like I might be bugging people with my questions!

I am from a big family and now I have a large family of my own. What I love about both is that someone is always there...for better or worse! Someone is there to help, to offer advice/support, and to listen to you and love you as well as to help make you a better person (and to steer you in the right direction). That’s what families do, and guess what I have recently discovered?! That’s what an amazing team of like-minded professionals do, too!

The hard working people on The A-Team never make you feel like your questions are silly. They always make time to teach and guide. They are only ever honest, helpful and offer a true source of wisdom and information! Whether you’re someone like me, a new REALTOR®, or a client, going through the steps with them eases your stress. No wonder The A-Team is the #1 team of REALTORS® at RE/MAX® Fort McMurray.

When I had the good fortune of being asked to be a part of the A-Team, I was thrilled to be paired with leaders in the industry who knew their stuff! Thrilled to be part of a growing team with people from all walks of life and experiences, to be able to draw on their knowledge and skill to help me develop into the best REALTOR® I can be.

I quickly found out that The A-Team isn’t just a group of REALTORS® who have the same slogan and drive around in cars plastered with their faces...No, they are like a big, loving, supportive family to each team member and, more importantly, to each client. Agents on The A-Team treat every client like our very own sister, brother, father or mother...being loyal and supportive, giving direction, information and guidance through all of the different real estate situations you face!

We each specialize and work hard to master that craft to become the very best for our clients. It’s not just a group of professionals working together for a common goal. It’s a family of people who share the same direction and desires and the same drive to create the happiest of clients, and the best memories with each and every interaction!

I feel blessed and lucky to be a part of the A-Team and look forward to many years in a truly rewarding career, not just at RE/MAX®, but at The A-Team!!

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