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Not sure where to start? Concerned about getting value for your hard-earned money?

Rather be PLANNING this exciting move and SAILING through it? Do you value hard truths? Here’s two…

1) Real estate might seem difficult at this early stage, but that’s okay; you’re simply in what we would call your “market research phase” (2 minutes to 2 years).

2) Selling and buying can be taxing life events, especially in uncertain times. However, smart, calculated decisions can turn those events into defining moments in our lives.

Enter The A-Team…

You’ll find we’re obsessed with creating mind-blowing experiences (just ask our clients). At our very first strategy meeting, we’ll help you get super organized AND we’ll fill important gaps in your knowledge. That way, you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

When you’re curious to learn your next steps, we’re ready to “wow” you with service far beyond your expectations.

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"World class real estate agents"
Daniel Forrest 
"Thank you A-Team for setting the bar incredibly high and being so patient with a rookie home buyer."
Kelsey Steganizyn 
"Supported us and carried our sale through wildfire and evacuation!"
Holly Murray 
"They sold our house the same day the sign went up"
Irma Jackson 
"Our house sold in 4 days in a buyer's market...need I say more? It's nice to feel that we got more than our money's worth from our real estate professionals"
John Beltrano 

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