As the festivities get going, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all our clients & supporters this year. It’s still a buyer’s market for now, but, with your help, our agents were able to help 163 families buy or sell this year. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to help those people. You ARE our business. So, thank you for being there for us and for sending your loved ones our way (and strangers too, by referring us online); we promise to look after everyone like family.

To the agents: I’m so impressed with the immense effort you’ve put in to help look after our clients like family & push industry standards. The way you’ve handled yourselves under the pressure of the post-fire Fort McMurray real estate market is admirable. We go together into 2018, all with more experience & wisdom, but with the same youthful energy and passion for what we do. Keep up the good work & thank you for long days and nights you’ve sacrificed in the name of customer service. The staff’s work behind the scenes is equally impressive.

And lastly to wifey, Breanna: Thank you for your patience with me and for your love & kindness. I’m the luckiest.

I know the whole team wants to wish our clients & advocates a nice, warm, safe Christmas & New Year. Please look after yourselves out there! ?

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


Tom Albrecht

Tom Albrecht leads The A-Team with his wife, Breanna, and is a Buyer’s Agent. He holds a Masters in Economics for Developing Countries from The University of Oxford.