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Always on the Move These Days….

By The A-Team | Apr 19, 2017 | From The Agents

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This is a literal statement for my family lately for a few reasons and I feel like it’s given me a little more understanding into some of the emotions my own clients might be feeling….(a little total and honest empathy goes a long way I am finding!). As a buyer’s agent, I am happily focused on helping people buy homes, which means of course MOVING!!

However like many people, my family lost our home in the fire (total bummer, not quite over it, still undecided fully about a rebuild, insurance has been ok, but not great and yes, it’s just things, but I liked all those things and I’m still blue about it...did that cover most of it?).

So we moved into a rental in Edmonton, then we moved into one rental in our lovely town of Fort Mcmurray that proved to just be too small for a family of 7 and then we just moved AGAIN into hopefully our last rental until we either build or buy another home. THAT’S a lot of moving for 2 adults and 5 kids in a span of 10 months and you know what, moving stinks! It stinks a lot and the process kind of seemed to get harder every time. I find myself being more aware than ever of the toll that a big move can take on people and all the emotions that go with that!

So. Many. Emotions.  

This experience has been very eye opening for me into how moves can be a happy time and an exciting step into the new future, but also there are always nerves and some moments of overwhelm mixed in there! I hope to continue to handle my ownself carefully through this process as well as all of my clients...just to be a gentle hand to help or a strong hug when needed!

In the mix of things, Chad and I have decided to get our groove back when it came to running. We had a fantastic home gym before the fire and we were pretty committed to being (mostly) healthy and then this last year we tried, but found ourselves chubby and tired and needed to get into a good routine again. So while we have been moving houses and jumping from place to place, we have also been moving our bodies (which has NOT been pretty). Getting up at 5 am to head to our local and amazing YMCA has proven to be hard (I am NOT a morning person) but it feels so great after...usually!

So here we are about 2 months into our latest move, 2 months into our new fitness routine and I feel like we are just always on the move...not sure when our next house move will be (hopefully not anytime soon, I just want to stay put for a while), but I DO know our next big run will be this August for the Vancouver half marathon...stay tuned to see….if all goes well, you may even get to see a sweet sweaty selfie of our latest move!

Until next time... Aleaha :)

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